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R de Nature

Grape juice

Son caractère

R de Nature is the Domaine’s grape juice range.

It is made solely from the grapes grown on the Domaine, and lovingly processed and bottled in La Motte en Provence.

With no added sugar or colourings, this grape juice is made by plain simple pressing, and is preserved by pasteurisation. It will enchant your taste buds with its delightfully natural balance.


Grape Juice

An excellent antioxidant, this pure grape juice can be enjoyed first thing in the morning as a great addition to breakfast or brunch. Children will also love it with a snack.

Easy and quick to use, it’s full of energy and is great for quick recovery after exercise.

2 years
5.5€ / bouteille
Vendu par carton de 6 bouteilles soit 33.00 le carton
Shipping fee: 20€ per order. Shipping is FREE when you order 4 boxes or more (24 bottles)
We ship to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Luxemburg, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Shipping fees are calculated automatically in the cart.
We ship to Switzerland.
Warning: taxes and custom duties are applied by the Swiss authorities for orders of 2 boxes (12 bottles) or more. The amount of duty you need to pay will be communicated to you by the transporter prior to delivery.
Shipping fees are calculated automatically in the cart.